Verdiana network

Verdiana Network is an Association of Social Promotion established in accordance with the Italian Law 383/2000 that carries out research and education activity, and spreads awareness about landscape, environment, territory, cultural heritage and the “contemporary city”. As non-profit organization its mission is to achieve social and cultural development, opening itself to comparison, exchanging ideas, experiences and good practices, considering cultural diversities and scientific approach.

Guiding principles of Verdiana Network are the ones included in the European Landscape Convention. The concept of social perception of landscape has inspired our projects and educational initiatives, raising awareness on landscape and daily life places. Moments of interaction with local citizens, urban walks and events organized to evoke historical moments, artistic expressions and numerous cultural manifestations of local communities are part of our (net)work.

For this purpose Verdiana Network searches and promotes collaborations with others organizations and cultural associations primarily active in the field of poetry, theatre, dance and visual arts, in Italy or abroad.

Verdiana Network’s team is currently counting 10 ordinary members who constitute the working group responsible for the projects and the ordinary social activity.

Organization chart

President: Chiara Serenelli

General Secretary: Rita Schirò

Executive board: Arianna Anichini, Annalisa Biondi, Azzurra Maria Noemi Pallucca

Our team joins many different experiences, connected to architecture, town planning and landscape studies, with a note of agricultural and forestal sciences. We carry out heterogeneous activities ranging from the professional practice, to education and research. We are joined by the desire (and the necessity) of spreading the culture of the landscape, the knowledge of the common historical and natural heritage whose value features our life places.

Our mascot is a dog named Fox. He is perfect for the project we are working on dedicated to the improvement of the quality of the urban dogs areas.

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Our activity reflects the characters of the team: city and urban architecture, villages and rural landscapes, art and historical itineraries, are the basic ingredients of our work. We show hereby a selection of projects, concluded or in progress. We are open to external collaboration, in order to share new ideas and common experiences.

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For further informations about our activity or if you are interested to support us, please contact us and follow our facebook page.